Universal Life Insurance in Toronto

Universal Life Insurance- A Tax-Sheltered Savings

If you need the best coverage for the rest of your life, permanent universal life insurance is ideal. However, when it comes to finding universal life insurance that provides a tax-free accumulation of cash value, it’s easy to trap in lucrative deals. In addition, you must keep an eye on legacy inheritances, debt requirements, final expenses, etc. Don’t Worry! INSUREDCAN is here to assist you in finding the best coverage plan that fits your future financial goals. Before we come into the picture, let’s learn a little more details about universal life insurance in Toronto.

About Universal Life Insurance

Universal life insurance is a form of permanent life insurance that offers coverage for the whole life. Insurance coverage can be beneficial to meet financial goals and provide greater flexibility. This might be more expensive than other life insurance, but it’s worth the investment if you need lifetime coverage.

Universal life insurance may allow you to leave a particular amount of funds to heirs or a foundation, irrespective of how long you survive. Many universal life insurance contracts also allow you to accumulate monetary value.  This insurance provides lump-sum tax-free benefits to your nominee after your death. It is best suited for persons who need permanent financial protection.

What Are the Benefits of Universal Life Insurance?

Universal life insurance has significant advantages over other forms of life insurance.

Tax-Deferred Growth – Universal life insurance cash value grows tax deferred. The growth is based on the overall performance of assets managed by asset managers of insurance companies.

Death Benefits – Beneficiaries receive tax-free death benefits. It enables tax-efficient family company turnover for business owners. It offers funds to equalize asset allocation for family members not involved in the firm. Possibility of accumulating cash values via dividends to acquire more coverage

Premium Choices – Insurance premium is high but ensures greater flexibility. Individuals can select their premium schedule and the amount they want to invest. You can also pick up an investment mix that suits your profile. This means individuals have different choices to manage their equity-linked investments for a secured future.

The flexibility of Coverage – It allows for modifications to the policy throughout the policy based on your customers’ needs, such as alterations in the amount protected, changes in the premiums paid, withdrawals of accrued money, and transfers between brokerage accounts.

How Universal Life Insurance Works

Universal life insurance provides better flexibility of premiums. This means policyholders can customize their death benefits and premiums. The premium of universal life insurance consists of two key components: a saving element and the cost of insurance, which combines cash value.

The COI is the minimal amount of the premium which is required to keep your policy active. This consists of different items that are put together as one payment. The COI covers policy administration charges, mortality, and other expenses of the policy. The amount may vary according to the policyholder’s age, insured risk, and insurability amount.

Your investment in university life insurance is tax-deferred, and your investment grows tax-free. The best part is you can use raised money to pay the policy’s premiums. The insurance firms compute the payments you will pay to reach the age of 100 and transform the whole cost to present dollar value depending on your funds deposited in their company. That value is then altered to the limited period range of 10 years to 65 years.

Who Can Consider Universal Life Insurance?

Anyone who wants life insurance coverage for their entire life can go with universal life insurance in Toronto. Individuals can also choose a universal life insurance policy if they have long-term investment goals and need a retirement plan.

Need Help In Picking Up Right Insurance?

At INSUREDCAN, you can easily compare different insurance plans offered by various insurers. We have a certified insurance advisors team who help you navigate different life insurance options. Contact us today and make an informed decision to fulfill your financial goals.

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