Guaranteed Life Insurance-Solution That Fits Your Life

Guaranteed issue life insurance is a life-insurance policy that you can qualify for with no health questions and no medical examination. With guaranteed issue life, you can hypothetically stay insured for life.  Your coverage will never cut, and your premiums will never increase. Most people who apply for this insurance cannot be turned down, so it is frequently popular for people that cannot secure other types of life insurance given their age, medical condition, etc.

Outline Financial has access to the complete range of life insurance options and can work with you to secure the right fit to suit your requirements and goals. In a scenario where guaranteed issue life may be the right choice, you can feel at peace knowing there will be financial assistance obtainable to your loved ones.

The premiums are meaningfully higher than traditional life plans. Also, the death benefit is usually small, just enough to cover end-of-life expenses and minor debts. Lastly, guaranteed issue policies have at least a 2-year waiting period before they issue the payout.

All the same, Guaranteed Life Insurance in Ontario by Insuredcan is not without its merits. It helps solve specific difficulties for certain Canadian adults. If you’re one of those, guaranteed issue life insurance in Canada could be accurate for you.

Who Is Guaranteed Issue Life Good For?

Not everyone who desires coverage gets it. Guaranteed Life Insurance in Ontario by Insuredcan can be a good option for people who want to put a life insurance policy in place but aren’t suitable for traditional life insurance plans. Perhaps they need to pay for end-of-life expenses, like funeral costs and medical bills. Or perhaps they want to leave a minor financial gift to their family.

As with all other types of life insurance, it is suggested to speak with an advisor prior to getting a guaranteed issue policy.

A guaranteed issue policy is perfect for someone who:

  • Doesn’t meet the requirements for traditional life insurance plans on account of their age or health
  • Wants an insurance policy with a minor payout
  • Is on a restricted budget

Benefits of Guaranteed Life Insurance

Guaranteed acceptance life insurance offers three chief benefits:

No medical underwriting :  You don’t have to take a medical test or answer questions about your health to acquire approval.

Guaranteed approval :  Since there’s no medical underwriting, almost everybody who applies acquire approval. This makes it a decent option for people who don’t qualify for any other life insurance policy. Even though the death benefit is small, some life insurance is superior than none.

Dissolute approval :  The average life insurance policy takes up to six weeks to obtain approval. By contrast, with a guaranteed issue plan, you can acquire the policy within 2-3 days at most.

How Much Does Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Cost?

The cost of Guaranteed Life Insurance in Toronto by Insuredcan depends on a number of factors, comprising the insurer’s underwriting guidelines, the applicant’s age and health, and the death benefit amount. Generally, guaranteed issue life insurance policies are additional expensive than traditional life insurance policies because the insurer assumes a better risk in issuing the policy.


Guaranteed Life Insurance in Toronto is an exclusive life insurance product. It can be a respectable option for all those who don’t qualify for standard policies. This comprises older Canadians as well as middle-aged adults in poor health.

Since no two guaranteed issue plans are the same, you should speak to a life insurance proficient to understand your options. At Insuredcan, we aid people find how much life insurance coverage you’ll need at the correct price.

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